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GETTING INVOLVED WITH HILLS 2000 - Friends of the Hills

Like many communities, the majority of residents in Los Altos Hills have busy lives - where local politics takes a back seat to the hurly-burly of daily routines.

The last thing you want is yet another homily on the importance of the democratic process - how important it is for you to cast your vote based on a solid understanding of the issues involved and the positions taken by the candidates. But voting is only one way - almost the minimum - that you can make your voice heard. You also have the option to get involved to the degree of your choice, and exert much more influence than just the single vote accorded to you.

If you do vote - then at least you have wielded some minimal amount of clout to affect the outside forces that rule a large part of your life. If you cast your vote based solely on the odd pre-election flyer, then likely as not you will be playing directly into the hands of the best funded or most slickly presented campaign. (We're all in favor of a rural environment, property owner's rights, and maintaining our neighborhoods the way we want them maintained.)

Unfortunately, life is a little bit more complex - tradeoffs are involved, people differ on details, and frequently even on the broader picture. We urge you to vote with knowledge aforethought. That's the absolute minimum.

But if you'd like to know a little bit more - then we urge you to at least join us in HILLS 2000 as we try to provide such insights to our residents.

Help us research the information, the implications, develop un-biased analyses, and help us make that information available. Help us carry our message to the elected decision-makers - backed up with solid facts and understanding of the peripheral issues. We look forward to hearing from you.


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