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"We are only trying to save God's Little Acre"
– Wallace Stegner, Author and Founder of LAH

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(2006 Election) CONGRATULATIONS to our new Councilmembers We congratulate all the candidates for their efforts, the top two for winning, and mostly the electorate for sifting through all the material to make their decisions. Dean, and Breene have accepted the responsibility of representing all the people in LAH, not just the majority. We know that they will take seriously the pledge that they take at every Council meeting, that ends with "and justice for all." They deserve our support for this effort, and without question, they have it.

The final certified election results provided by the registrar of voters are:
Dean Warshawsky2,160 - (54.4% of ballots cast)
Breene Kerr1,942 - (48.9% of ballots cast)
John Vidovich1,770 - (44.6% of ballots cast)
Ballots Cast3,973 - (71.2% of voters)
Total Voters5,578

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Council Video, March 17, 2005
Lands of Alon
O'Malley lobbied by former Mayors

Click here for full meeting.

Articles appearing in local papers. Click on the links below.
Casey denounces Dragers for allowing petition!
LAH Offical Accused of Violations Relating To Role As CEO
Mayor Sued in Rent Flap (600kB PDF)

SPECIAL TREAT FOR THOSE WHO LOVE THE HILLS. The Formation of the Town of Los Altos Hills.

FACT! PAST MAYOR, TONI CASEY WANTS THE OPTION OF SELLING TOWN OWNED PROPERTY. Listen to this audio clip from the January 17, 2002 council meeting. This is a 50 second audio clip in which our mayor, Toni Casey, states that the reason why the council was requesting that a deed restriction be removed from the O'Keefe property was to "give the council the option of selling the O'Keefe property" and use the money to "have along-road pathways for everyone in Town."

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Los Altos Hills
Community Survey results

Hills 2000 announces web-based
streaming video of Town Council Meetings from our Hills 2000 website.
Complete Town Council meetings have been video taped and converted unedited into multi-media formats that can be viewed or heard over the web. We now offer audio, low band width video and audio and high speed video/audio stream web video of council meetings.

This format offers several advantages to regular cable based broadcasting by:

    (1) Anybody with an Internet Connection and multi-media computer can view the video.
    (2) The council meeting videos can be viewed at any time day or night and even council meetings that occurred 6-12 months ago can be view with a click of the mouse.
    (3) Particular meeting segments can be referenced in emails that can be easily distributed to those interested in particular town votes and discussions.
    (4) Very low cost to record, convert and to host these web-based video files on the Internet.
    (5) This web-based medium can research for LAH residents far more conveniently and cost effectively that cable based distribution.
To view the council meeting at your convenience, simply click on the link above. On the Council Video page, a link will enable you to download the Microsoft Media Player so you can view these audio and video clips on your own machine once you download the media player.

Do you like this service ? Hills 2000 is looking for looking for volunteers who can help with Video-taping the council meetings, conversions to web based video formats and high-speed Internet hosting of the web media files. Please contact John Harpootlian at 948-0596 or by email at: webmaster@friendsofthehills.org for more information how to help out.

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Single-Stream Recycling Comes to LAH

Westwind Barn - See How It Is Run
Complete Video of Board Meetings

November 29, 2006 Friends Meeting
October 25, 2006 Friends Meeting
September 27, 2006 Friends Meeting
August 23, 2006 Friends Meeting
July 26, 2006 Friends Meeting
May 31, 2006 Friends Meeting
April 26, 2006 Friends Meeting
March 22, 2006 Friends Meeting
February 22, 2006 Friends Meeting
January 25, 2006 Friends Meeting
December 14, 2005 Friends Meeting
November 16, 2005 Friends Meeting
October 26, 2005 Friends Meeting

Hills2000 Educational Forum, Hosted August 2nd, 2005

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